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How to set Internet Data Limit in Mobile? How to Save Mobile Data

Some people do not know that the option is also available to monitor the data in the mobile, so that you can find out how much internet or data you have used in which mobile, if you are a prepaid sim user and you have done such recharge. Have taken a plan in which you get daily limited data, that is, if you are an airtel sim user

And if you have taken a recharge plan of 209, then in this you get 1 GB Daily Data, which is valid for 28 days, similarly if you have taken a plan of 149 in Jio Sim, then you get 1 GB Daily Internet, whose validity is of 20 Days. In this way, you get 1GB limited data in these recharge plans and when you make full use of this 1 GB internet, then your internet speed becomes 128 KBPS and slow internet will start running.

How to set Data Limit in Mobile?

In mobile, if you do not watch online videos, and do not even use social media apps, yet the internet continues to spread rapidly in your device, then the reason for this can also be the background apps running in the mobile, and when you do not use your mobile. If you turn on Mobile Data in the phone, then many apps on your device start auto-updating,

Not only this, many apps start automatically only after enabling the Internet, so if you set Internet Data Limit, then you can prevent your mobile data from being spent too much, this is also an advantage. This does not slow down your internet speed.

How to set Internet Data Limit in Mobile? How to Save Mobile Data

There are many apps available to save data on the Internet, but in this article I am not going to tell you about any app, because in most of the phones, the option is available to set Internet Data Limit, this option is available for data usage in mobile. Gets the name in which you can see how much internet you have used in your phone,

If you want to see which app of your mobile uses the most internet, then here you can see, that is, you can also monitor your mobile’s data, almost all people have many apps in their devices. , and most of the apps use the internet,

As your phone must be connected to the internet to use social media apps, if you do not have internet in your phone then you will not be able to use social media apps, so you can set internet data limit to save mobile data. Yes, you get the option to set daily and monthly data limit, and when you use the data limit set in your mobile, the internet will stop running automatically.

How to set Internet Data Limit in Mobile?

  • First of all, you have to open the setting in your mobile, after that the option named Sim Card & Mobile Data will appear, click on this option, here you have to click on the Data Usage option.

Important – The user interface of all phones is not the same, so if you are not showing this option in the SIM card option, then you can go to your device’s settings and search by typing Data Usage in the Search Box, after this The option will appear.

  • After this, here you can see the data used by you, here you can see how much internet you use in 1 month, if your device is double sim card then here you will get how much in both your sim card. You can see that the data is used

  • Right now, in whichever SIM card you want to set Internet Data Limit, click on the option with Mobile Data Limit below it, after that some options will start appearing.

Daily Data limit – Using this option, you can set the daily internet limit in your phone, here you can keep as many daily limits as 100MB, 1GB etc.

Monthly Internet Data Limit – Using this option, you can self-select the internet limit in your phone according to the month, that is, how much internet you want to use in a month, you can select that limit here.

  • In these, you have to click on the option with Daily Data Limit, then you will see options like 10MB, 50MB, 500MB, 1GB etc., you can select Internet Data Limit from these, or you want to write the internet limit of your choice in it. So click on the Custom option, here you can write any number of Internet Data Limit, it is in Mb, after that click on the Ok option.

In this way the internet limit will be successfully set in your mobile now.

Conclusion –

How to set Internet Data Limit in Mobile, In the phone you get the option to set the data limit of Cellular Network i.e. SIM card, but if you use internet from WiFi in your device then you cannot set data limit in it. This means that only you can set a limit on the Internet used by your phone’s SIM card.

Friends, you must have learned about how to set Internet Data Limit in mobile, if you liked this information and found it beneficial, then share it with your other friends on social media as well and for more such new information, please contact us. Keep visiting the site.

Updated: September 1, 2022 — 6:23 pm

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