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What is UTR Number? UTR Full Form

Friends, you must have done online shopping with the help of Flipkart, Amazon or any other website at some point of time. Even if you haven’t, you must have known about it.

When we order a product for purchase, then at that time we are given a tracking ID or reference number with the help of which we are able to check the status of our product, when it was dispatched, when it shifted, where is it now and When will it be delivered etc.

Similarly, when we do money transactions in the bank, we get a UTR number, with the help of which we are able to check the current status of our money transactions. In today’s article, we will talk about what is UTR and track. If you also want to know what is UTR, UTR Full Form in Hindi and how to know UTR Number, then definitely read this article completely Share if you like.

What is UTR Number?

When we transact money between any two banks, this UTR number is issued for each transaction which is different from any other number in the whole world. Meaning no two UTR numbers can be same in any case.

Normally we don’t need UTR number so we don’t pay much attention to it but if your transaction is not successful i.e. transaction between your two banks is not successful then you can use UTR to check the status of that transaction Number is required.

With the help of which you can check your transaction status by calling customer care or through any other means, hence UTR is also called as transaction number.

In the early phase of digitization, internet banking in India had two options for money transactions NEFT & RTGS. In both these methods, the UTR number is generated, the number of digits in the UTR number of NEFT is 16 while the number of digits in RTGS is 22.

UTR Full Form

The full form of UTR is “Unique Transaction Reference Number“. Which is known as Unique Transaction Reference Number.

Creation of UTR Number

As we have already told you that UTR stands for Transaction Reference Number. Which cannot be of any other transaction in the whole world means the UTR number issued for one transaction can never match with the UTR number issued for another transaction. So now this question must be coming in your mind that how UTR number is formed which is never the same. Let’s know about this –

UTR Number of NEFT Transaction

The format of the UTR number of NEFT Transaction is like – BANKSYYJJNNNNNN.

The full form of NEFT is “National Electronic Funds Transfer”. If we talk about the UTR number of NEFT, then there are total 16 digits in it –

  • Out of which the initial four digits indicate the IFSC code of the remitting account.
  • The fifth digit represents the server of that bank.
  • The 6th and 7th digits indicate the year in which the transaction is taking place.
  • The eighth, ninth and tenth digits represent the Julian date.
  • And the last 6 digits tell the serial number ie sequence number of that transaction, what is the serial number of the transaction, thus the UTR number of NEFT is prepared and it becomes unique.

UTR Number of RTGS Transaction

The format of the UTR number of RTGS Transaction is like – BANKRNYYYYMMDDNNNNNNNN.

The full form of RTGS is Real Time Gross Settlement. The UTR number for RTGS transactions consists of 22 digits –

  • Out of which the initial four digits indicate the IFSC code of the bank just like NEFT.
  • The fifth digit is related to RTGS transactions.
  • The sixth digit indicates the medium used in the transaction, i.e. whether the transaction is done through Treasury, Internet Banking or Debit Card or any other medium.
  • The seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth digits indicate the Julian time in which the transaction is taking place.
  • And the 11th represents the 12th time.
  • The 13th and 14th digit represent the date.
  • The last 8 digits indicate the sequence of the transaction i.e. the serial number, thus the RTGS transaction reference number is prepared.

UTR Number Tracking or How to Find An UTR Number

Generally, we need UTR number very rarely. If we do transactions by going offline through the bank, then most of the chances are that your transaction is successfully credited or debited immediately and you can check it by taking the statement from the bank or getting it printed in your passbook where your UTR The number is written. But in this situation, you can check your status by making direct inquiry with the bank anyway.

But when you do a transaction through any online banking or internet banking and it comes pending which means it gets stuck in the middle. So in that case you have to login to Internet Banking with the help of your ID and Password to know your UTR Number. After login, when you open the mini statement or detail statement there, you will see that the number that starts with your IFSC code is your UTR number. So thus with the help of that number you can know UTR Number Tracking Status through customer care or by other means.

UTR Number Uses

There are two main uses of UTR number, due to which using it proves beneficial. Here are the uses of UTR Number –

1. Inquiry about stalled transactions

Sometimes it happens that we send money to another person’s account but due to some reason the money does not reach that person’s account. In such a situation we get nervous what to do now and go to the bank to get this transaction rectified. Then we have to give many information in the bank to get our money back, due to which we spend a lot of time.

If you have UTR number then you directly call the customer care number of the bank and tell the bank employee the UTR number of that transaction. With this, your problem will also be resolved soon and your time will not be spent much.

2. To know the status of past transactions

Many such cases are seen that in which one person sends money to another and another person says that the money has not been received, and even if the money has been received, it has not been received as much as it was supposed to send. In such a situation, a very confusing situation arises, I do not understand what to do. Such confusion can be easily resolved with the help of UTR number. You can get the UTR number from the sending bank and give it to the receiving bank so that it will be completely clear what the problem is.

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